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Monitored Training Sessions

The Modest Tree Dashboard is a web based learning management system for the Modest Tree Suite. Through Modest Tree Dashboard instructors can assign, track, and report student progress through content created in Modest Tree Xplorer Creator and consumed through Modest Tree Xplorer Player.

Assign Monitored Training Session

  1. Navigate to the Modest Tree Dashboard at
  2. Navigate to the Training -> Projects section in the sidebar
  3. Select the Project that contains the training lessons you want to assign
  4. In the Monitored Training Session tab click “+ Monitored Training Session” button
  5. Setup the Training session by filling out the form. You will define the following:
    • Title: a reference name for the training sessions
    • Starting Lesson: the lesson that students will launch into first
    • Instructor: the instructor for the training session. They will have access to the training sessions but will only be able to observe and communicate with the student. They will not be able to progress through the training lessons.
    • Start Date: when the training session will be open for the student to join
    • Due Date: When the training session will be closed and the student can no longer attempt it
    • Users: the list of students you are creating training sessions for. A separate session will be created for each student selected.
  6. Monitored training sessions will be created for all users selected. The sessions will appear in the monitored training session table. Users will be sent an email invite, and a notification within the Xplorer Player application that they have been invited to the training session.

Monitoring the Training Sessions

The instructor can monitor the training sessions while they are being completed. From the Monitored Training Session table the instructor can:

See what training sessions are active. The Status will appear green if the student is actively in the training session and grey if they are not.

View the result of the training session.

  • Not started: user has not triggered any tracking statement within any lesson
  • Started: the user has begun triggering lesson tracking statements within the lessons
  • Passed: the user has triggered all completion statements on all lessons within the course

Assist or observe the student by joining the session. The “join on device” button will launch the Xplorer Player application and prompt the instructor to choose an avatar, download the lesson, and then auto join them into the same session as the student. From within the room the instructor can communicate over voice chat with the student by pressing the push to talk button in the to right of the UI. They can observe the students actions only and not interact or interfere with the scene at all.

View the live activity stream of student actions. The Activity log tab will live update all the tracking statements triggered by students completing their training sessions. This log can be filtered by various criteria for specific monitoring.

Reporting the Training Session

At any time during or after training sessions have been completed, instructors can generate a report for the training sessions. From the Activity Log tab click “Generate Report” You will be taken to the Report Tab and a new report will be queued When the report is fully generated the status will change to success and it will be downloadable