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State Hierarchy

The states in Xplorer have a hierarchy which means you can create states in layers, where all states under inherit the properties of the states above. The top layers are known as parent states and the bottom layers are known as child states.

Child States

To add a child state you right click on the parent state and select add child. It will create a new state that appears like a duplciate of the parent. The difference between a child state and duplicated state are that a parent and child are linked while a duplicated state is its own independent state and will only copy the current state of the duplicated state and recieve no other changes. A child state, will inherit changes from the parent state going forward.

When you edit a child state it is only recording the changes made while on that state. It only affects itself and its own children but never its parent states.


When you make a change to a child's parent state those changes will automatically be reflected in the child state unless that property was already directly modified on the child state itself.

Example: State 1 is a parent of State 2. I have a car model and on state 2 I rotated all doors to their fully open position. If I go back to State 1 and rotate the doors to the half open position you will see no change on the child state because those door objects have already had their rotation property modified on the child directly. If I open the trunk on state 1 then on state 2 I will see the trunk in the already open position because it will match the parent state since it was not previously modified on state 2 directly.

Reset State

If you were to reset a child state it would only reset the changes you made while on that exact state. It will not undo any changes that were made on the parent states. Resetting a child will make that state match exactly its parent state. Thus all of it's child states would also reset to this state but maintain any changes added directly to their own state.

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