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Requesting Remote Support

If at any time during the completion of your task you need support from a remote expert you can call them within Tech Companion.

  1. launch the Remote Support Module from the Task details page.
  1. In the top left of the remote support lobby click on the Invite User button
  2. Select users to invite and click Send Invite, users will recieve a notification in their email, standalone leaf app, and inside Tech Companion.
  1. Alternatively, you can send a shared link by copying it from the Shared Link tab.
  1. Next, start a call by pressing the green call button in the bottom middle of the remote support lobby.

overview of Remote Support UI

  1. Chat: Communicate using plain text chat and files/image sharing.

  2. Files: Stores all files shared within the task.

  3. 3D Lessons: Play 3D lessons created with Modest Tree Xplorer. Automatically screenshares to other users in the room.

  4. Toggle Video: Turn on/off your video camera for users. Visible in the top right corner of the room.

  5. Hangup: Leave the video call, other users wil remain in the call.

  6. Screen Share: Share your screen for other users (PC Only).

  7. Push to Talk: Hold to unmute your microphone so other users can hear you.

  8. 2D Annotation: Annotate and send screenshots back and forth.

  9. 3D Annotation: Send 3D annotations into Mobile users Augmented reality View.

  10. Workcards: View digital workcards attached to the task.

  11. Inivite Users: Send invitations to other users so they can join the call.

  12. Task Status: Changes the task status.

  13. Add a comment: Leave a comment on the task for the completion report.