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About Licenses

Licenses are used to validate that our products are legitimate and the user has access to the features our products provide.

Must be logged into an administrator account to view, add, or edit user licenses.

Viewing Licenses

All users licenses within the workspace can be viewed under the Licensing section of the Portal. This page displays the name, email, and expiry date assigned to the license.

Adding Existing license

Adding an existing license allows admins to add existing licenses to a users account. This can be accomplished under the Licensing tab of the Portal. Clicking the Add Existing License button will open the Add Existing License window, where you add the license key, name, and owner details.

Create New License

A new license can be created for a user under under the Licensing tab of the Portal and clicking the Create License button (plus symbol). This will open the Create License window where you can choose different kind of licenses, and enter information about the license.

Machine Key

The machine key found in Portal's settings is a key unique to your particular computer. It is mainly used when in contact with Modest Tree Suite's team and transferring standalone licenses between machines.

Bandwidth Cap

The bandwidth cap is how much bandwidth your workspace is allotted for syncing projects to the cloud.